Friday, January 4, 2013

Yes, I Want To Be A Blogger

While it is relatively easy to create my own blog, building a successful one is akin to being in a relationship -- it needs hard work, commitment, communication and time. I already have a blog, but I am still seriously considering starting again a new one. 

With my existing blog, I learned that it is important to be able to define what my blog is all about. Am I looking for a venue to showcase my wardrobe? Or do I simply just want to share my daily inspirations and observations? I learned to focus on an overall theme and have the passion for it, otherwise, I quickly lose motivation to continue. 

While I am being able to acquire a following by involving and interacting with my audience, engaging them in a conversation by replying to their comments. Even better, ask them questions and keep the two-way communication going. 

Social media also plays a great role for me to continue. I am using it to my advantage. Finding similar blogs and leave thought-provoking or helpful comments, instead of saying, "cool!" and then leaving a link to my site. 

Most important is, I think is increasing my hits and page views by adding appropriate labels to my posts. This actually didn't just help me archive my posts well, it also enables search engines to track my post and display it as a search result for relevant keywords. 

Some says, renaming photos that I used in my posts will also help. But I guess, I'm too lazy to do that. Haha! 

Finally, be prolific. I make sure I post regularly, otherwise, my readers will lose interest and eventually forget about my blog. And so on this 1st week of 2013, I am starting this new blog -- The Girl On Jeans. I guess, this will be more of me. My personal adventures on food, shopping and hopefully, my travel adventures too. 

I am hoping that this new blog will also be as successful as my 1st blog. Cheers to new blog, cheers to 2013!

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